Was Flip Really In An Accident?

For those of you who care, cuz I damn sure don't, Houston rapper Lil Flip was reportedly in an accident Tuesday. Reps from BCD Music Group, which distribute Flips music, sent out a statement regarding the accident detailing that Flip was recovering from neck and wrist injuries. Flip, in turn, called into the the local radio station, 97.9 The Box, and said that the whole story was untrue and that he was never in any type of accident. According to YBF.com, they got to the bottom of things and called BCD and they stated that they stand by what they've sent out and know it to true and factual and they have proof. YBF.com got their hands on an email that Flip sent to BCD and it reads like this:

"i was in a car wreck wit dred lastnight hurt my shoulder and wrist im on vikiating my shit hurt and my neck i got on a brace our car was totaled some arab ran the red light by my crib, i was in the hospital i’ll call 2morrow"

Apparently, there is a rift between Flip and BCD. He hasn't been attending meetings as he should and Flip claims that they aren't doing what they should either. Whatever dude!

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