Who Is Andrea Kelly

Everyday our eyes and ears have been bombarded with news about this ridiculous R. Kelly case. But nobody is talking about the woman who had been by his side through all of this up until a few years ago when Robert Kelly and Andrea Kelly filed for divorce. In 2007, Andrea granted an interview to Essence magazine. She talked about strong she has been throughout this whole ordeal with R. Even though the couple filed for divorce back in 2006, they didn't follow through. They decided to try to work things out. Andrea stated
“When there is a storm, I won’t leave you out in the rain. I’m no fair-weather wife.’’
Yeah, well good for you Andrea. I would have been left his ass a long time ago. She also stated that when she told R that she was leaving him, he got angry and hit her. Yeah, another reason for me to leave. If he hit you that one time, I'm sure it wasn't the first and it won't be the last. Nevertheless, Andrea Kelly, then, Andrea Lee, met R while she was a dancer for 12-play tour and their relationship bloomed from there. They are currently still estranged husband and wife, and share 3 children. I'm sure it's tough for her as a parent to shield your children from all of this. I truly commend her for doing so.
What many people don't know about Andrea is that she's a dancer and choreographer. She has her own life. Many women forget to do their own thing when they get married and that's when -ish falls apart. You let that man become your whole life and you forget about your friends and family. You can tell from Andrea's demeanor and her outlook on things that she has her own thigns going on. A woman whose sole concern is her man, would have broken down and threw in the towel by now, but not this woman. I just had to talk about her because it takes a strong woman to still have her mans back in a situation such as this.

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