Ashanti On The Grind!

I am not a fan of Ashanti's music but she's been really stepping her game up. She performed yesterday on ABC's "Good Morning America". She went back to her roots and brought out MIA rapper Ja Rule. Ashanti has been promoting her new album The Declaration, and said that as the princess of hip hop soul, she wants to get back to where she belongs.
“When you get pushed into a certain position and your back’s against the wall, you’re either gonna sink or you’re gonna swim,” “I choose not to sink.” “I want to write. I want to be creative. I want to get my juices flowing. I said, `I have to do it.’ I was able to get out and experience and learn so much. I did a lot of growing up. I’ve learned so much about myself, so much about the industry and the behind-the-scenes and the politics _ everything that goes into it.”

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