Ed McMahon House In Foreclosure

Ya'll remember Ed McMahon. You know, dude from The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, i.e., Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere's Johnny! Or how about the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes commercials, or even from back in the day Star Search??? Well, anyways, his home out in Beverly Hills, CA is up for foreclosure. The house is valued at $6.25 mil. According to The Wall Street Journal, foreclosure is already underway on the six bedroom mansion. Ed McMahon, who is now 85, has been laid up with a broken neck, and he hasn't been able to work, thus resulting in him being behind in payments. I feel bad for him... a broken neck? I get neck spasms and what to damn near pass out, so I know this dude is straight on one with a broken neck. Anyways, the real estate agent who has been trying to unload the house, which has been on the market for the past two years, says that because of all of the papparazzi that is following Britney Spears, who lives near by, it is scaring away potential buyers.

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