Some Men Will Do Anything To Be Players!

On May 18, Atlanta police arrested Eric Perteet at a local hospital. Perteet was arrested at Piedmont Hospital for impersonating a doctor. According to police, Perteet had gained access to few restricted areas in the hospital, but had access to unrestricted areas such as waiting rooms, doctors lounges, and doctor's library. He used the famous line most women would love to hear from a potential suitor, "I'm a doctor" and made it work for him. This line is how he hooked up with his wife (pictured above). They met in March and after one month of dating, got married. Not uncommon but dang, why the rush? Right after the honeymoon is when he began his "new job" at Piedmont Hospital. Using the "i'm a doctor" pick up line to attract women was Perteets motive for impersonating a physician. He met a lot of women at the hospital, and some of the staff described him as "absolutely adorable". But what's crazy to me is the fact that his wife would drive him to work everyday and still never had a clue. One investigator said "she might as well dropped him off at a singles bar!" That was sad, but too funny. Investigators say that he looked the part to a tee. He wore full surgical gear- scrubs, mask, head cover and booties on his shoes, all of which had been stolen from the hospital. He also had a piedmont hospital badge that he had stolen from another doctor but taped a picture of his face on it. He also had a cell phone, a doctors on-call pager, an electronic door swipe card and a vial of drugs. This just shows you that men are greedy. Here he is with this wife that he's just married, not even two months, and he's already on the prowl for new booty!

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