Guiness Inducts Another Record Holder!

Can you believe this chick got into the Guinness Book of World Records for writing the longest post-doctoral thesis ever on an algebraic theory? I hope not, because it's damn sure not the truth. This chicks name is Maxi Mounds and she got into the Book of Records by having the worlds largest fake breasts. Their size, 36 triple M. *Wide eyed stare*... I'm just waiting for her to topple over any minute. I'm just trying to figure out, what would make a person want big ass boobs this damn size? I can't stand mine and I'm a D cup! I'd slit my throat if I had to deal with triple M's. I mean, she ain't a bad looking chick, but she ain't the best looking either, but she's a stripper and we know that they go to extremes like butt injections, collagen in their lips, etc... Her breasts weigh 20 pounds each and they're still growing. The technique that was used in this procedure is called polypropylene string and is banned in Britain and the United States for the dangers that it can cause. How this procedure works is the string that is implanted into the breast, irritates the breast causing the release of body fluids that inflates the affected area even more.
"I’ve seen some pretty funny things happen. Men walking into things and getting slapped by their girlfriends because they were staring too hard." Maxi said.
I wouldn't even be mad at my boyfriend for starring. Stare all you want buddy. Hell touch em' if you want because you ain't eeeeeeeeever gonna get close to nothing like that ever again!


Anonymous said...

wow this is discusting...
why would you WANT to have the biggest boobs in the world?!?!!

Anonymous said...

How horribly unattractive she is