Why Do We Make A Big Todo About Nothing?

I know some of ya'll are tired of me talking about Barack and Michelle but oooooooh well. Tell the media outlets to back up just a taste and then come talk to me. Anyways, I got a question... when you look at the picture above what do you see? You know what I see? I see a husband and wife giving dap to one another for a job well done and saying, "It's our time now!" The media is turning this simple little gesture into something far bigger than it needs to be. Now they're asking the question... "Is Barack Obama too hip for America?" Are you serious? You guys have got to be kidding me. I'm sorry but shut the fuck up! Would this simple gesture be blown out of proportion if simple simon ass John McCain and Cindy did it? I highly doubt that. Let the Obama's live man! What they are trying to show our country is that you don't have to be so damn stiff all the time as a politician. Politicians, for the most part, get a bad rap for being stiff, and unfeeling. The Obama's are in a class all by themselves! See it for what it is and not for what you want it to be! Classy people!!!!

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