Plies Gives Hometown Folks A Freebie

Plies' sophomore album is ready to be released soon, and to celebrate, the Ft. Meyers, FL native is giving a free concert in Orlando this weekend. The concert will be sponsored by MySpace and to get in you must have a printed copy of your myspace page with Plies in your top 8. According to the online flyer, the doors open at 9 p.m. and the show will start right after that. The event will be held at the Voyage Nightclub on Saturday. This album will be Plies' second in ten months, which definitely speaks volumes for his hustle!
Also, Plies has a female clothing line that he's working on (like every other rapper) and he's working on a reality dating show based off his single "Bust It Baby". I love Plies and all, but dude... are you for real?

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