Michelle Obama Get's Her Time On The View

Yesterday, (June 18), Michelle Obama made her debut as one of the guest host of ABC's The View. My girl was in the house!!! She began the show by telling the roundtable of ladies that normally host the show, "I have to be greeted properly... fist bump please"!!!! Ha ha!!! All of the ladies, including GOP poster child Elizabeth Hasselbeck, gave the "fist bump" that caused an unnecessary stir around the globe. Michelle made no bones about her pride in this country.
"Of course I’m proud of my country,” she said, subtly underscoring the ridiculousness of any other assumption. “Nowhere, but in America, could my story be possible. I’m a girl that grew up on the South Side of Chicago. My father was a working class guy, who worked a shift all his life, and because of his hard work he sent, not just me, but my brother to Princeton. . . I tell people just imagine the pride that my parents, who didn’t go to college, felt that they could, through their own hard work and sacrifice, have us achieve things that they could never imagine. So I am proud of my country without a doubt.”
I'm not mad'atcha girl!!!

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