Barack Takes N.C., Hilary Get's Indy

Last night in a very exciting primary race, Barack Obama beat Hilary Clinton for the North Carolina vote and fell just short of winning the Indiana vote. I was up until about 1am waiting for Indiana to come through with the rest of their votes, but ended up falling asleep. But you know what kills me? It's the fact that the media kept trying to hint at the fact that the last county in Indiana which is Lake County, and a county that Barack Obama was more likely to win, were holding out on sending in their votes so that they could possibly cheat. They compared it to the politics of the old days, when a nominee would be behind in a race and hold out on sending in their votes, and wait to see what their competitions voters bring in, and then send in just the right amount of votes to beat the competition in a last minute effort! Basically, they were trying to say that because the Mayor of Gary, Indiana is African American and Gary is a predominately African American community, and the Mayor is a staunch Barack Obama supporter, that they would go to any lengths to win for Barack. *SIGH* I swear these folks are ruining the voting experience for people. They are making people not even want to vote for either candidate. If the media would sit the hell down and shut the fuck up, we might be able to get this thing done and over with!

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