Oh Really Ms. Carey & Mr. Cannon

So Mariah Carey and Corn ball ass Nick Cannon done went and got married??? What in the dizzle is really going on here???? What do these two even have in common? I mean ok, the obvious, 1) both c, maybe d list celebs... 2) Nick did just finish playing the leading man in her latest video, but I mean damn, is the just cause to take this unbridled wackness to a new level and get married??? Me tinks not! Oh yeah, and 3) They're both just itchin to get some spot light back into their pretty stale careers. Of course it's so apparent that this is a pub stunt. Who the hell saw this coming and who, in either of these damn entourages didn't go to the damn Enquirer first and spill this story... if in fact it is true? I would have jumped, because it's such a cluster! So I'm taking it that '08 is the year of the "secret lovers/marriages" huh??? No other words could tell my enthusiasm for this couple right here other than Wooooooooooooooooooow!!!!

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