Blind Item~ Diva What...? Diva Who?

This male diva is living out his male crushes. He loves to surround himself with gorgeous men and he’s responsible for them getting hired for different projects. He always puts a kind word in to a producer if he thinks a man is gorgeous. He’s created an Adonis beefcake factory. Only one famous man (he was crushing on) escaped his clutches, just barely. This man is very much in love with his girlfriend and doesn’t get down like that. It’s a surprise that our male diva hasn’t blackballed him.

Our male diva is also hard to get along with (unless you’re a name) and impossible to work for. But, he may be humbled rather quickly because word on the street is, a former boyfriend has some incriminating/compromising photos of him, this boyfriend is threatening to go to the tabloids unless…..

Who is the male diva?

Who is the famous man who escaped his clutches?

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