Antoine Walker Arrested For Writing Bad Checks To Casinos

I just don't understand some of the ball players. Aaaaaaall that money you've been making over the years and you're out writing bogus checks??? Are you kidding me dude? All this time and you haven't invested in a financial player to foresee you through the hard times?

Former Boston Celtic, now free agent, Antoine Walker was arrested Thursday morning inside the Harrah's Casino in South Lake Tahoe. His charge: owing nearly $1 million in gambling debts.

Walker, who has been on 6 teams and in the league for 13 years, had a warrant issued for his arrest earlier this week for owing over $822,000 in gambling debts and faces three felony counts for writing bad checks.

Walker reportedly took out ten huge loans from several casinos, all around $100,000 each, most of which has not been paid back. Under Nevada law, casino loans are just like bank checks. If you sign the marker, you owe that money whether you win or lose.

After he was arrested he posted a $135,000 bond. Walker is due in Las Vegas Justice Court on Monday (July 20).

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