Soldier Boy Tells Em... And Shows Em!!!

This little boy is killin me softly!!! He goes from random ass rants on twitter about leaving the music industry and the stress of it all being to much to now tweeting for the ladies only. Guess he's taking a cue from Pretty Ricky member Spectacular. It's all to boost album sales I'm sure. But these pictures... there are too many things running through my mind. OH NO NO NO NO... not those kinds of things... but just like "WHY?" You know there are young girls out there that really like this dude and he goes and does this? These can't possibly be pictures for grown ass women... I don't think ANY grown women like him like that... well women like Frankie might! LOL!!! Sorry... I'm just sayin!

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Anonymous said...

does he have a boner geeezzzz calm down ily u solodier boy yhea