Frankie Engaged To Young Ass Boy!

I'm just too through!!! Keyshia Cole's ghetto bird mama Frankie is doing the most!!! I'm sooooo serious. This is just too much. Frankie recently went on the Ryan Cameron show on V103 here in Atlanta and told everyone who was listening that she is engaged... to a 22 year old BOY!

I'm sorry... Frankie is freakin 50+.... 22??? Heeeeeell naw!!! Sources have also said that Frankie could possibly be pregnant and she told Ryan that she got her boy toy's name, which is Lamon in the usual tramp stamp spot... right about the ass.

How does Keyshia feel that her stepdaddy is friggin younger than her? I swear I bet Keyshia wants to slap the hell outta Frankie sometimes... I know she do... because dammit I do!!!!!

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hotchocolate said...

He is from my home town Newnan Ga..word on the street is he's waiting for them to break him off a couple of checks..once he gets a prenup he's divorcing her ass..He'll its plenty of crackhead where we're from she just a crackhead with money!!