It Must Be Love... Keyshia Cole Gets a "LOVE"ly Tattoo

Hmmm... I've always said it, and I'll reiterate it... IT IS THE DUMBEST IDEA IN THE WORLD TO GET SOME MAN/WOMAN (other than a parent/grandparent) TATTOOED ON YOUR BODY!!!

I see our favorite ghetto songbird Keyshia Cole doesn't care about the fact that her and her NBA baller "boyfriend"... NOT HUSBAND... but BOYFRIEND, have only been dating a few months before she went and got this tattoo.

You can clearly see the "Truly Blessed" portion... and I'm just really hoping that next to that "D" it doesn't say Gibson. Keyshia's Mr. Right Now's name is Daniel Gibson by the way. So... if we put the tattoo together it says "Truly Blessed... D. Gibson". I so don't want to believe that the rest of that says D. Gibson, but the proof is in the shoulder ink folks! For logics sake, I'm hoping that it's just henna and not a real tat.

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M$.EUNiiQUE said...

It does say that. i like it. But They will last. Even if they dont they got a baby together. so there is true meaning behind the tat