Ciara Reveals New Hair Cut

I guess summer 09 is the season for change and individuality for the ladies. From new tats to new and way out hair cuts, I think we're seeing it all. This is a first for Ciara. She's had long hair since she first came out. I don't know if I actually like the look or the fact that we're seeing something new from Ciara. Ci Ci took to her twitter page and posted these pics for all to see her new bob cut. Ci Ci's stylist by the way, is named Kiyah Wright, who has styled everyone from Mary J. Blige to Tyra Banks. Let me hear your thoughts on the pics.


chonell said...

I like the fact that Ciara is versatile and can wear it long or short but the first pic, she looks like she's about to rob a bank with the glasses and all that hair in her face. lol. Lose the shades Ci Ci and rock the cut.

kimberly said...

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