R. Kelly Being Investigated... AGAIN!

R. Kelly is back being a "Chester". Why didn't they lock his punk ass up the first damn time? AND WHEN IS SOMEBODY GOING TO TELL THIS DUDE THAT HE'S TOO DAMN OLD TO STILL BE ROCKIN BRAIDS!!!!


Anyways, A representative for R. Kelly released the following statement in response to a report about a supposed police search of his house in Chicago:

"A wildly exaggerated and inaccurate report has been circulating on the Internet that Olympia Fields police showed up at R. Kelly’s house with a search warrant just before the singer left for his three-week concert tour in Africa last month and then searched the place looking for a missing 17-year-old girl."

"This is completely false. No police ever showed up at Kelly’s house with a search warrant nor was his house ever searched. It is also not true, as the unsubstantiated report claimed, that any such girl ever stayed overnight in Kelly’s house or that she had been there but left shortly before some mythical police search."

Kelly’s attorneys will cooperate fully with any investigation... so they say. I'mma really need the justice system to wake up on this dude!

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