Terrell Carter Outted By Ex Lover

Well I'll be damned!!!!!!!! Here we go again! Out of the fryin pan and into the fire!!! Actor/singer Terrell Carter, who is known most for his work in the Tyler Perry plays is seen here in a veeeery compromising position. I knew something wasn't right about this dude. Not sayin that being gay is wrong, but...

Here is a peak at the scandalous photos here. I know, I know– How do we know that’s really him kissing the guy?? Well, as someone who’s met him before and studied his interesting body art I’d have to say it sure does look like him, even if it’s NOT him.

We’ll just call the guy in the photos “Carter,” and he was outed by his reported ex-beau, Bronx, New York’s Alex Cortez. "Carter"must’ve really done Alex dirty for him to put him on blast the way he did for all to see. Check out some other pics on Alex’s MySpace page.

I’m not saying that it’s him, but it’s a helleva body double- HAHA! I doubt that this will hurt his career though. There are plenty of gay men in the entertainment industry... only this one has been outted!

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