The Dream Has Something To Say To Nivea

Despite being engaged, married, or whatever to Christina Milian, The Dream says that if anything major is going to go down with ex wife Nivea and Lil Wayne, THEY NEED TO HAVE A TALK.

It's been widely rumored and even reported by The Dream himself that Nivea is carrying Lil Waynes baby. Nivea and The Dream have a daughter together as well. But it's being reported by several blogs that The Dream has said:

“I wish him and Nivea the best. If marriage comes up, then we’ll definitely need to have a conversation… Even though she’s pregnant, there’s no real commitment between them, to the point where we’d need to have a conversation.”

*blank stare*... soooooo I'm only assuming that the only conversation Dream and Nivea would need to have would be about little Navy (daughter) since Wayne would be her stepfather if he and Nivea got married. Other than that... what would they need to talk about? Maybe their just really good friends still and he wants to talk to her before she rushes into anything??? Hell... I don't know. I would think that he's not still having pinned up feelings for his ex while engaged to Christina..???

The Dream and Nivea after the birth of their daughter Navy and back when they were married. This don't even look like Nivea to me.

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