Sneak of Da Week~ Nike Dunk ‘Mr. Potato Head’ Customs

As a kid, Mr. Potatoe Head was one of my favorite toys to play with. Now I can have him on my feet too! Well... it's highly unlikely that that I'll ever buy these... but I figured some of you would either want to, or know someone who might.

YoaKustoms is known for doing some pretty outrageous custom sneakers, a lot which include loud colorways and bold graphics. The latest from YoaKustoms is the Mr. Potato Head Nike Dunks.

The custom Nike Dunks were done for a customer who wanted a pair of customs with a Mr. Potato Head theme including a design of Mr. Potato Head himself. With that being said YoaKustoms gave the Dunks a perdomently pink base with a white frontal and added Mr. Potato Head on one sneaker with a full face and without his face on the other sneaker. Throughout the white frontal there are potato head parts as a pattern and on the inner side of the upper there is a head shot of Mr. Potato Head. They are loud but defiantly fun.

If you want a customized shoe too... you can take it upon yourself to email the folks at YoakKustoms at: yoakustoms@gmail.com

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