McNair Didn't Leave A Will

Mechelle McNair has more than her share of things to take in right now. Other than dealing with the untimely death her her husband Steve McNair, the fact that he was cheating on her with a 20 year old GIRL, and he had a secret residence that she knew nothing about, she has to be the executor over his expansive estate.

A Nashville judge has appointed Mechelle McNair as the only person to preside over coming up with divying up McNairs property because he didn't leave a will.

A probate judge in Davidson County granted Mechelle McNair's request to administer the estate and he also gave her 60 days to file an inventory of her husbands assets with the court.

She told the court in documents filed on Tuesday that she had no idea how much her husband was worth, which is crazy to me. How don't you know? Well, nevermind, I keep forgetting to consider all of the elements of this story. The court did, however, deem that everything was large enough to have an administrator over it.

I just hope she does the right thing by the other two sons that Steve has from a previous relationship. Some women are sheisty like that. Mechelle has named herself and the two boys that she and Steve had, as the sole heirs.

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