Lil Kim Goin Hardcore

Lil Kim says she, like 50 Cent, plans to return to a hardcore rapping style (whatever the hell that means).

Kim says her new album is coming and fans can expect her to be coming hard. Although there is no release date, Lil Kim did say she thinks that her new LP will be out this year.

“The album should be out in a few months,” Kim said in an interview at the pre-BET Awards show last weekend. "We don’t have a set date yet but the song ‘Download’ is featuring T-Pain and Charlie Wilson is doing very well and I’m excited about that ’cause it’s been a long time since I made my rounds. But I got another song that’s with a producer named Detail, he’s a Konvict Music producer and I love this song. I can’t tell y’all the name yet ’cause it might be the next single but just know that this album, I’m feeling real sexy and nasty y’all, so it’s gonna be an upgrade of Hardcore.”

Ok... so it sounds like she's going back to her roots if anything. If you heard her in Junior Mafia and her first album "Hard Core" which came out in 1996. I actually loved that album, it brings back memories of when I was back in Florida. Anyways, I highly doubt that I'll be coppin this next on though... I might download that mug but she'll never get my money again!

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