Which Michael Album Will You Purchase Now?

It goes without saying that Michael Jackson is the best entertainer past, present, and forever more.... and it's already been established many times over that the biggest-selling albums these past couple of weeks are Michael Jackson albums. The King of Pop is ruling the charts, as he did during his peak and as he well should. But, all those charts aside, we'd like to know what MJ albums will you be stocking up on? I have already had Off The Wall, Thriller, Bad and Dangerous. Me personally, Off the Wall and Thriller are my favs, and my favorite song of all time is of course P.Y.T. Have you been moved to dig way back into the CBS Records era when he and his brothers were called The Jacksons? Have you rediscovered some gems on the under-appreciated Invincible? Leave your comments on your favorite MJ album.

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