Former Cheetah Girl Speaking Out About Domestic Violence at the Hands Of Famous Singer

Kiely Williams, former member of 3LW and The Cheetah Girls, is speaking out about the domestic abuse she witnessed her mother go thru at the hands of Joe. Don't act like ya'll don't know which Joe I'm talking about. It damn sure ain't Joe Jackson, but R & B singer Joe.

In a shocking revelation, Kiely exposes,
“I have had my own personal experience with domestic abuse with my mother having been in an emotionally and physically abusive relationship with the R&B singer JOE for several years. I saw the toll it took on her and how difficult her recovery was. I wish Rihanna the best and hope that she gets through what I know is a terrible ordeal.”

I’ve heard these type of rumors about Joe in the past but never realized her mother was the one he was allegedly whooping on. Kind of makes you think about “Things Your Man Won’t Do” alot differently. But I wonder why Kiely’s coming out with this confession now?? I mean, the Rihanna and Chris Brown drama has finally died down, and no one is shouting Joe’s name from the rafters.

via: globalgrind

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