Morgan Freeman To Marry Granddaughter! Nasty Bastard!

I had heard this story many weeks ago and honestly... I still don't completely believe it... especially since it did come from the National Enquirer. But anyways, Morgan Freeman, with his old ass, has fancied himself "in love" with his step granddaughter.

This story has gotten even more bizarre than before. I'm now hearing reports that Freeman plans to marry this girl.

Her name is E'dina and she's only 27- Freeman... is 72. Talk about May-December romance. But this mess right here is just down right nasty. Blood or no blood... you just don't do it!

But I also would have never believed he’d be sleeping with his granddaughter and that happened. Here’s what’s being said….

Morgan and E’Dina are planning to wed after Morgan’s contentious divorce battle (with ex-wife Myrna) is over!

“Morgan has led her to believe that he wants to marry her,” a family insider tells The Enquirer.

“Becoming Mrs. Morgan Freeman has been E”Dena’s goal,” revealed another family source. “She believes her wish is finally going to come true.”

So he's not just in this by himself... her ass is sick too! I guess they do belong together!

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ace said...

I knew there was always something dark and weird about him. Now we know. Hope he enjoys the seat that is reserved for him in hell. The pervert.

As for the Granddaughter, what the f*** is wrong with her? Sounds to me like she was brainwashed or something. You might as well say that Freeman is the black version of Woody Allen.