Let The Rumors Fly: Usher Not The Father of 2nd Child?

As the world turns... I swear that's what this feels like. A new twist in the Usher and Tameka divorce sith. Seems Usher wants to test the paternity of his youngest son Naviyd. Ok... so I know he's not that damn dumb to let it go on this long if he's had doubts... but... that could have very well been the straw that broke the camels back for Ush. This mess is running neck and neck with Nas and Kelis' ridiculously messy divorce.

According to Enquirer (if you believe anything they write), Usher is hoping to tip the divorce scales in his favor by questioning the paternity of his 6 month old son Naviyd:

“The first thing Usher said was, ‘How did that happen?’ — because he was gone a lot, and their sex life was very, very limited,” a friend of the star reveals. “He’s determined to get truthful answers.”

When Naviyd was born last December, Usher and Tameka, 38, were already separated. The “Confessions” star became concerned that Tameka had been unfaithful to him after friends confessed that the former celebrity stylist had “got with another man” in the early stages of her rough patch with Usher.

It is a claim Tameka vehemently denies. In fact, the soon-to-be two-time divorcee insists her younger hubby is the father of her infant son and she’s ready to take the star to the cleaners for even suggesting otherwise.

“She says that although they weren’t spending that much time together, they did get together for one night of passion. And that’s when she got pregnant,” the snitch whispers, adding that Tameka is “going to fight for what she thinks she should have.”

Tameka also claims in a recent court filing that despite what the reports have been saying, she and Usher have not been separated since July 2008 as Usher claims, in fact, they were “intimately together” less than a week before he started divorce proceedings, which is where the whole SURPRISE factor comes into play!

Supposedly, there is at least $80 mil at stake here and you best believe that Tameka wants 'haf... I want haf Eddie'... some of you are too young to get that!

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