Brandon Jennings Can't Shut Up!

This makes twice in months that NBA rookie Brandon Jennings has been caught running his mouth and talking reckless about other players in the league.

Only this time, Jennings was video taped by rapper Joe Budden who in turn, placed the video on his youtube channel.

Jennings, who was picked 10th in this years NBA draft and sent to the Milwaukee Bucks and who I might add, hasn't even played one damn second in the pro's just yet, has already caused some serious blacklash for himself.

Just after Jennings was drafted, he had a phone conversation with rapper Joe Budden. As I stated before, Budden placed the video, which has since been removed on his youtube channel Joe Budden TV. During the chat, the NBA rookie bad-mouthed NBA vets like Ramon Sessions and Chris Duhon, boasted that he would beat out the Bucks' current starter Luke Ridnour to become the starting point guard, and even called out the New York Knicks for not drafting him with the 8th pick.

Since the conversation leaked, 19-year-old Jennings has received a lot of backlash, raising questions about his maturity. A little back-story about the player: he opted to play professionally in Italy instead of going to college and stirred the pot by criticizing fellow rookie Ricky Rubio in the days leading up to the draft. Jennings expressed regret regarding the incident, saying it's been a learning experience for him. Sure it has... that's why you still runnin yo damn mouth!
"I'm pretty glad that it happened now, something that I can learn from," he said in a statement. "Now I know you can't trust everybody, everybody's not your friend. It was a joke. We were joking and everything. But for my part, I shouldn't be talking about team business that I have no idea about."

He explained that he was unaware that he was being videotaped, but acknowledged it was wrong either way.
"I was wrong for the things I said," Jennings continued. "It was jokingly, we were playing around, laughing. But at the same time, I have to be careful and I'm going to learn from that."

Since the controversy over the incident spread, the NBA rookie had a chance to speak with Joe Budden and said they're ok, but has learned not to trust everybody.
"We're OK," Jennings said. "We did talk about it, my agent, we all talked about it. Everybody's pretty upset about the situation. Because the last thing I was thinking about was I'm getting recorded on YouTube having a conversation with a friend. But like I said, I'll learn from it, and now I know I can't really trust everybody."

Some of the Bucks' staff says the YouTube incident shows the kind of confidence their young rookie has, which assistant coach Kelvin Sampson likes. Ok... I understand you have tons of confidence... but get some minutes in dude before you start saying -ish that you have to take back! Learn your lesson boy! Shut the hell up sometimes!

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