Dumb Ass of the Day!

SUFFOLK - He left his photo.

Now police have a name to go with it. A 17-year-old Suffolk resident has been identified by police as the suspect in a recent burglary in which the perpetrator took a self-portrait with his victim's cell phone camera and left it behind.

Because of his age, the juvenile's name is not being released to the media. Debbie George, spokeswoman for the city of Suffolk, said detectives have interviewed the teen and will secure petitions charging him with a felony burglary count and a larceny count that could be a felony or a misdemeanor.

The burglary happened in early June at a residence on Holbrook Arch. Detectives believe the burglar attempted to make a phone call using the home owner's cell phone but was unsuccessful, then used the camera function to take a photo of himself. The photo was circulated in the media, leading to calls from citizens that helped detectives identify the suspect.

-Source: Dailypress.com

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