Mattel Introduces Roca Wear Barbie Dolls

To celebrate its 10-year anniversary, Rocawear recently showcased their models for their new Barbie collection, teaming up with toy importing giant, Mattel, to produce the assortment of dolls.

The Rocawear clothing line was created by Damon Dash and Jay-Z in 1999, but experienced a drastic change in management when both founders sold their shares. In March of 2007, Jay-Z sold his share of Rocawear to the Iconix Brand Group for a whopping $204 million, but still retained some authority over product development, licensing, and marketing.

The Barbie collection includes four females and one male, all sporting clothes from the Rocawear clothing line. I don't know if I should be insulted or just roll with it... What's your take?

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Anonymous said...

I will definitely be purchasing one of those dolls for my neice, when it becomes available.