If You Don't A Broke Dude... What Does That Say About You?

Here is an article that was in the recent issue of EbonyJet magazine. This one hit home because, I'll admit, I've found myself in this predicament more than I really care to admit.

Do you seem to be constantly getting into relationship with guys who are broke? Ebony-Jet advice columnist Nechya says it’s most likely not coincidence — you probably keep getting in with broke dudes because, deep down, you’re a needy person, and someone living off you has no choice but to give you plenty of attention. I know that you guys have heard people say that you get what you put out into the universe right? Well if you're exuding these feelings of neediness, then that's what you'll get in return. Check it out.

Ladies, would you:

  • 1)Enter into a serious relationship with a man who makes substantially less than you?
  • 2)Live with a man who expects you to pay the rent?
  • 3)Lend a substantial amount of money to a boyfriend who has an idea for a business but is short on cash?
  • 4)Make an exception for an artist or creative type who is always broke?
  • How many of you constantly find yourself with the same type of guy and wonder why? Sounds like some of us “independent” women aren’t as self sufficient as we may think we are, doesn’t it? If any of the above sounds like something you’ve done, are doing, or will do, perhaps you have some issues to work out if you want to break the mold and enter into an equally yoked relationship. Just food for thought!

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