D.L. Hughley to host morning show on New York's Kiss-FM radio

Comedian D.L.Hughley is getting a new gig. He'll be in the NY from now on, hosting his own radio show on Kiss-FM.

It's a morning show, which will start on Monday. D.L. is joining the ranks fellow on air comedians Steve Harvey, to which D.L., and Steve will be going head to head in their time slots, Monique, Big Boi, and several others.

Taking a cue from the tremendous success of of Steve Harvey and his morning show, the folks at KISS-FM went ahead and recruited D.L. I'm sure they caught his show on CNN and they may have even heard him doing the guest commentating on the Tom Joyner morning show.

Along to help D.L. team, he'll be joined by Jacque Reid, who used to be an anchor woman for BET news, comedian Steve Wilson, and also host Raqiyah Mays who is a correspondent for CNN.

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