Alfamega Sends A Statement & Song Apologizing To The World

Former PSC member and label mate to T.I., Alfamega, supposedly has been hiding out somewhere for the last two months or so. Why? Quite honestly several things are playing out in my mind, but I won't speculate just yet on them.

Back in April Alfamega, whose real name is Cedric Zellars, was caught with a loaded .40 calibur semi-automatic gun after a routine traffic stop. Once the police found the weapon, he then attempted to escape police custody.

After he was arrested and released, the SmokingGun.com obtained a police report saying that the 37 year old rapper had been an informant for the Drug Enforcement Administration in a heroin-trafficking case during the 1990s.

It's not clear if this knowledge alone was the reason why Alfamega was released from the Grand Hustle team by T.I., but him being dropped coincidentally occured when this all came out... so you be the judge.

Anyways, Alfamega has released a song and statement giving an apology for being a part of the gangster images in our society. He says that he has now found God and plans to change his ways. He sent a the statement and the song over to Straightfromthea.com. It's being said by some that another rapper made Alfamega write this statement, so it's a bit shaky on whether or not this is even genuine. Check out the letter:
“This song, is an apology to anyone from age 8 to 80, that’s affiliated with or in any gang, To every parent (mother or father) that has lost a child to gang violence, every sister, brother, aunt, uncle, cousin, partner or whomever that has lost a loved one or a friend to gang violence either by death or prison. Even if I never met you or have known you personally, I want to apologize for being the root of the evil that is plaguing the youth of today, & I beg you for forgiveness the same way i would beg GOD to forgive me for every sin that i have committed, because i am 37 years old now, & i have finally become to realize by watching my own children that i wasn’t teaching something positive i was only teaching negatively”.

Sincerely yours,

P.S. I would like to end by saying, “Violence Only Begots Violence,” Lets move to a more positive direction & I sincerely, hope that people understand me & what I am trying to say in this song.


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