Tons of Unreleased Micheal Jackson Music On It's Way

I am super excited to hear this news. According to Sony Music CEO, Tommy Mottola, in the wake of his death, Michael Jackson has left the fans a special gift. Michael has recorded tons of unreleased songs that could last decades.

How awesome is that? Michael's career spans over four decades and with the news of unreleased music, it very well could be that some of this music may date back decades as well.

Mottola stated that for every twelve songs that Mike recored while he was with Sony, he also recorded another fifteen to twenty songs that went unreleased!!! That is amazing. This shows how serious Mike was to his music. Can you imagine what's in store and what is waiting in those Sony and Epic vaults?

I know that Michael and Tupac are on two different playing fields in this game, but we all know how we've been hearing a new Tupac song or album damn near every year since he's been dead and it's been over twelve years since his death. So imagine how long we'll be hearing new Michael Jackson tracks??? Crazy right?

I don't know about you guys, but I'm geeked about it all. This unreleased music could possibly hold some of Mikes best work ever. I can't wait! It remains to be seen if we'll actually get to hear every single song, but just a small taste of those songs would suffice for most of us!


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