Gay Rap Website

We all remember the buzz a year or so back when Industry Insider Terrence Dean published his book, "Hiding In Hip Hop" which talked about the many manly rappers in the game that were actually on the DL.

Now, there is a website that caters strictly to the gay rap community. Rap Gaydar, features categories such as "Ayo Lyricism," which calls out lyrics that may suggest some same sex lovin', "The Down Low" and "Pretty Pictures," and a tagline that reads:

"We're here, we're queer, we're kicking flava in ya ear."

Rap Gaydar calls out the recently shut down Vibe mag, and says that the Urban magazine was the first of it's kind to be considered an "openly gay hip hop mag". *side eye...HARD*. The website is also shares a similar name to the former Editor-in-Chief of XXL mag, Elliott Wilson's website Rap Radar.

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