Lauren London Pregnancy Confirmed

For months now, we have all heard the rumors of actress Lauren London being pregnant but we never had any proof. Well, ladies and gentlemen, meet proof. Proof meet the folks of the world.

Lauren confirmed rumors of her pregnancy over the 4th of July weekend, when she popped up at Diddy's All-White Party in Beverly Hills showing off her baby bump. So it can no longer be a rumor, it is now officially a fact that the 20 something year old is el preggo! Now, it remains to be seen or heard with an official confirmation whether or not Lil Wayne is the father as the rumors also stated.

So we are still left wondering "Who is the daddy?"

Neither Lauren or Wayne have had their reps confirm anything on that, but a source told Bossip.com a few details regarding London's baby -- it's a boy.

"She's expecting a boy," the source told the site. "She's gained a little weight, but she's basically just a stomach. She has a really pretty glow too. I spotted her at the salon." It's still unknown actually how far along Lauren is. It's being speculated that she is about 6 or 7 months.

Only time will tell. Now we just need for Nivea to give us a confirmation on her rumored pregnancy too.


Anonymous said...

she stays out of the spotlight because of her pregnancy but i would to if it was by lil wayne lauren thought u was so much better than that

Anonymous said...

I think she is stupid.

Anonymous said...

i think yall need to shut tup and stop hating on the fact that she is glamorous and can pull someone like lil wayne.