Frankie Attacks Chili... Where's The Love???

Oh Frankie, Frankie, Frankie... when the hell are you going to sit the f*ck down and shut the f*ck up? I just need Keyshia to send Frankie on a mysterious cruise to nowheresville and make sure she doesn't come back!!! I'm sure some of you guys would hate that because chick is pure comedy and she's always got some sort of drama going on. Well... this time, she doesn't disappoint.

Frankie went on the V103's Ryan Cameron show recently and while there, Ryan asked about the incident that went down 2 weeks ago between Frankie and Chili... yes, Chili from TLC. Well... the incident was really between Frankie and her cracked out alter-ego who took over once Chili didn't show Frankie the love she felt she deserved.

Here's what happened according to FreddyO.com:
Frankie wanted to take a picture with Chili cause she’s her biggest fan. All I am going to say is Frankie had too many drinks and her alter-ego took over. Chili who was doing an interview at the time was caught by surprise when Frankie ran over to give her a hug. Frankie didn’t like Chili’s return hug. Chili then walked to where Yung Joc was standing not thinking anything of it and started conversing with him. Out of nowhere, here comes Frankie leaping on top of me trying to get Chili and pushing everyone out of the way in the process. “You think you better than me,” ” You think you better than me” again Frankie shouted to Chili. Remember, by this time Frankie was officially lit! Chili asked if she was ok and then Frankie tries to grab her again. Chili pushed her hand away and stating “Are you serious?” Frankie then yelled “my daughter is better than you any way”..! I respect Chili so much because the entire time she was calm I have to say that I think I would have lost it.

LMAO!!! I'm sorry... that's some funny stuff!

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eeeeeeeeee looks so bad.