Kandi Burruss Speaks On Her Relationship

For months now I had been hearing many things about Kandi Burress' fiance Ashley. Now, Natasha, over at YBF.com got to speak with new ATL Housewife Kandi Burruss about the many rumors that have been going around about her fiance Ashley Jewell. What the rumors were saying is that dude has 6 kids and that's he's not handling his business when it comes to these babies.

I'm really hoping that all of this is covered in the new season of the show because Kandi's mother has issues with her relationship with Ashley as well. Check out what Kandi had to say to YBF:
Yes it’s true. My fiancé does have 6 children. And that in itself is a big problem with my mother. I didn’t know going into the relationship exactly how many kids he had. Or his situation with them. So there was some deceit. She’s not happy at all. They fought hard before taping the show and during the show. Then after the show stopped taping she went in even harder. It’s a constant battle.

When asked why people are calling her fiance a deadbeat dad Kandi answered:

That I don’t know. Since we’ve been in a relationship, his kids come over A LOT. His twin daughters even live with us now. But before we were together, I can’t say how he was as a dad since I don’t know. But as for now, he’s great with his kids.
I'm getting the feeling that he may ONLY be being a "good dad" because Kandi and the show. Its gotta be an image thing is what I'm sayin. Of course he didn't care too much before the taping began, but now that his business is going to be worldwide, that puts him definitely on blast. Oh well!

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