Ja Rule.. Take Note.. You're sounding a liiiittle....

Of course Ja Rule hasn't had a decent hit since his first song "Holla" hit the airwaves. Well... if that and the other 5 albums weren't lame enough, Ja is making a comeback... and he's got some -ish he wants to get off his chest.

Not only is Ja in the studio working on new tracks, he also promoting his new blog “Rule York TV.” In his first video off “Rule York TV” Ja exclaims,
“That's the motherfucking first blog on Rule York TV on the iPhizzle cam, nigga. I'm getting a lot of hardcore footage. All you bitch ass niggas out there, I'm letting y'all know I'm coming and I'm fucking (what the hell does that mean???), oh, I got a chip on my shoulders this year, bitch."

In the iPhone-filmed premier, Ja had some choice words for a few emcees out there,
“Nothing fucking stale, nothing faded, brand new, nigga. Get ready. I'm lettin' y'all niggas know, man, you got about 60 to 90 days then I'ma put my dick in your mouth, man. Watch yourselves homies, telling you."

Hmmm... is it me, or is Ja sounding a little gay? What's with all the "fucking" and puttin "dicks in peoples mouths"? Obviously he's shootin at dudes... sooooooo...

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