As we all know, Rapper Remy Ma aka Reminisce Smith, is locked away at Rickers Island awaiting her sentencing for being convicted for first degree assault for shooting her "friend" Makeda Barnes in the stomach for allegedly stealing $3000 out of her purse.

Remy called into DJ Kay Slay's Shade Radio 45 to give her first interview from jail. Remy seemed to be in pretty good spirits during the phone interview but blamed her guilty verdict on a biased jury of whom she did not consider a jury of her peers.

"There was no tan, dark brown, black, nothin on that jury", she said, "It was a whole conspriracy against rappers right now, so I already knew what it was"

I must say that to a degree, I agree with her! *Shuddering*... I hate to admit it cuz I can't stand this chick. But if you think about it, why not target some of these rappers. Ya'll boast in your music how unstoppable you are, how much money, guns, drugs, ho's, houses, cars, etc... you got, can get, will get, and the world is yours! Well hell, if I was the police, I'd be trying to figure out what the hell you're doing too! When you put yourself out there in your music to wonder why/how, you don't expect them to find out? C'mon dude... get real. I wouldn't say it's a conspiracy so to speak, but I will say that you guys have made it damn near open season for yourselves to get caught! Straighten up and fly right and this crap won't happen to ya! And as for Remy... I just pray that she finds a new calling because rapping damn sure ain't it!

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