Sneak of da Week~ Supra Skytop ‘Moonwalker’ Heat Sensitive Customs

Not since the election of President Barack Obama have we seen so many new items on the shelves paying tribute to icons of today and yesterday. With the passing of 'The King of Pop', there have been a hailstorm of merchandise being sent into production for consumer consumption. I'm bringing you the opportunity to get your hands on an awesome piece to add to your sneak collection: Qustom Queen Moonwalker Supra Skytop Sneakers.

Originally, the sneak was created as an honor to the legendary singer, and now with his passing, it will serve as a tribute and collectors item for those who loved Mike. It's a bit surreal that this sneak was made before the passing of MJ.

Qustom Queen designed the Supra Skytop ‘Moonwalker’ customs with a colorway similar to the Moonwalker movie poster. As you can see, silver was added on the heel panels of the sneakers to represent the Mike changing into a car, then later to a robot in the 1988 Moonwalker movie. The black panels which were done up next have a very subtle galaxy theme going on, one so subtle that it may even be a little hard to notice at first. The side of the upper and across the tongue theres a rainbow design which was done with heat sensitive paints. The heat sensitive paint makes the rainbow design change colors, getting more brighter once the sneakers/paint heats up. The lace covers display a portrait of MJ’s face and is also done in heat sensitive paints. When the paint heats up Jackson’s face changes and becomes lighter. As Qustom Queen puts it “they go from Thriller MJ to Moonwalker MJ."

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