Blind Item~ She Ain't No Joke!

She's pretty but men consider her more sexy than attractive. She really is a female player with a passport.

She can pull millionaires and billionaires effortlessly, she's also known for eating grilled shark and barracuda from her choice of yachts in St. Tropez when she's not living it up in Monte Carlo or Dubai.

She's the only black woman who has been linked to two royal playboys and an exotic car executive who told her he would supply her with a new Ferrari each year if she would consider dating him on an exclusive basis.

Overseas money men send her diamond necklaces and earrings priced at over $100,000 dollars just for the hell of it.

These same men have advised her on investment strategy and it has already been determined that she will never go broke.

What few people know is, she once dated a black music mogul twice her age. They kept their relationship on the low, only a few people know they ever dated and the people who know still find it hard to believe, but he doesn't seem her type and she really doesn't seem his type.

After the relationship ended, she dated a black male celebrity who would later become known for being DL and hosting numerous DL functions in the Hollywood Hills.

Again, few people know she dated him as well.

Who is the playgirl? Who is the music mogul and the black male celebrity?[Source]


Boo said...

Naomi Campbell

S A V V Y F. Baybeh! said...

That's what I said. But who's the music mogul?
Dayyuummm, this HOT!