Bristol "Pete" Palin Strikes Again

More pictures of Bristol "Pete" Palin are surfacing, and I swear John McCain has got to be wondering what the *uck did he get himself into. It seems that young Bristol, like every other teenager has posted pics on the net with boozing and such. I see she not only loves to indulge in the flesh, but she loveth the booze and the guns. Sounds like something straight out of the trailer parks don't it? No offense to those of you who live in one, but it is what it is. I guess her actions can't be too much different than those Bush twins huh? Way to follow suit young lady!


Anonymous said...

Typical teenager pics...so what is the big deal

Robin Graves said...

im in luv- talk about a big tent!

Big Cheekz said...

i posed the question today on my blog asking if it were Obama's family with this mess going on - would the media be so forgiving of him? probably not. when they do it you get the "typical teenager" comments like the one above. when we do it - it's another ballgame. if this were Obama's kids, they would deem him NOT FIT to run a country since he can't run his family & that would be the top story on the news until election day.