Eddie Griffin Get's Reality Series Too!!! Geesh!

Comedian Eddie Griffin is next up on the television reality circuit. Once again, the awesome folks over at VH1 are handing out t.v. shows like welfare cheese to anybody that needs the money!

The show will be titled, "Eddie Griffin: Going For Broke". I would guess so, with his dwindling comedy appearances and not too much money coming in, along with the fact that he has eight children, two ex-wives, four “baby-mamas” and an entourage of family and friends who make his life complete. So apprapo is the title because Eddie claims that his family and friends are all bleeding him dry!

Show synopsis:
Eddie Griffin: Going for Broke is a 30 minute docu-series that will give viewers an intimate look into Eddie’s struggle to get his life under control and how he deals with the pressure of supporting himself and his whole family. Eddie’s problem is his generous heart, preventing him from making the painful choices necessary to bring himself out of a financial nose dive. Enter Doris, Eddie’s mom, who’s just the person to give him a big dose of tough love. Will Mom tolerate the blow-out parties and fast Hollywood life that Eddie loves so much? Her efforts to do this are proving unsuccessful. Can she open Eddie’s eyes to the fact that his life is out of control? That’s up to Eddie.

Boy I tell ya... this upcoming season of shows is going to really send me over the edge... no joke! Eddie Griffin: Going For Broke airs November 3 on VH1. Check your local listings for times.

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