Lil Wayne & Nivea Engaged?

It was reported a few weeks back that Lil Wayne and Nivea were dating again, and possibly engaged. Well now here are pictures that have surfaced from those accusations.

In the claims it stated that while Lil Wayne was performing in St. Louis at the Chaifetz Arena, the was a light skinned female with a curly weave, dressed in all black with the biggest rock EVER on har marriage finger sitting on stage the whole time. During the concert she was seen as being really "giddy" and smiling, and low and behold, it was Nivea.

Now that these pictures have come about, we can all see the ring on the finger, but... are they engaged? Wayne has admitted in the past that he was in love with Nivea, so I guess time will tell.


Big Cheekz said...

i wonder, if the rumors are true, how can she go between wayne and the dream? on the outside wayne & her seem like such opposites.

kitty bradshaw said...

dream talked bad about her on wendy williams. i find that funny since she got withh im before he became mainstream. i hope its true... lil wayne an her got history. i am a big fan of love.