Salt N Pepa In Talks Of Possible Movie Deal About Their Lives

The ladies of 80's smash hip hop group Salt N Pepa are in the works for coming out with a biography about their lives... and what's most interesting is that they expect you to want to go out and watch it on the big screen!

I was a huge Salt N Pepa fan back in the day, but I really wouldn't care to see a movie about them. Hell, I could hardly stomach that wack ass reality show that VH1 gave them!

Pepa already has her book coming out, so a movie I guess, would be icing on the cake! Pep says if this project grows wings, she is wanting Meagan Good to play her character. She says Meagan reminds her of herself when she was younger. REALLY? Yeah! This will be another straight to DVD flick that I, the DVD Queen, will not waste my money on!

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The Coconut Diaries said...

Um, this idea is about as good as the episode of their reality show when Peppa tries to throw a party for Salt's daughter.