Techy Talk: Mr Jones. Watches

The makers of the Mr. Jones Watch feel that the times of the everyday average watch are dead! Meet the new cult design in watches. These are watches that don't tell time, but give advice on how to live your life. I understand what they're trying to get at with this concept. The regular watch is somewhat obsolete now. Cell phones give time, and so do computers... two things that have dominated the millenium with regards to keeping up. Therefore, freeing up the power of the watch.

The watch at the top is the The Average Day, it displays time broken down into possible activities rather than hours.

The New Decider alternately shows the words ‘yes’ and ‘no’ to help with making quick decisions
The Future displays the message ‘the future is now’, acting as a “reminder to the wearer to live in the present”.
Loves Me displays the words ‘loves me’ and ‘loves me not’ alternately, and can be stopped by pulling up the winding crown.
The Watcher has two characters on the face that never look at each other.

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