Beauty 101: Individual vs Band of Lashes

Fortunately, this post doesn't apply to me because I have long lovely flowing eyelashing *blushing*. But for those of you out there that have had to succumb to falsies, this post is for you.

I won't lie and say that I've never worn false lashes because I have, but I just can't stand the process of putting those dag on things on. For the ladies out there who are contemplating which type of lashes to get, i.e., Individuals vs. a band of false lashes – I'm here to save the day. I'm going to run down which looks best and why?

Both types of lashes are great, but they each have their own identity for different occasions.

Both individual and strip lashes are the ultimate way to lengthen and add thickness to your lashes.Individual lashes are a great way to add volume. These lashes can be applied in between natural lashes to create volume and fullness without looking too fake.

Individual lashes come in short, medium, and long sizes (so you can customize the length!). They usually come with 4 to 5 lashes in one cluster. Add a couple of individual lashes on the outer corner to create natural fullness, or apply short and long individuals to the entire lash line for a more dramatic look. Individuals are an ideal way to wear false lashes since you don’t have to commit to covering the entire lash line.

You can also customize strip lashes to create either a natural or dramatic look. Since the lashes come in one band (instead of individually) strip lashes are easy to apply at home. Strip lashes come in many different styles, so choose one that suits you the best. Depending on the varying lengths and sizes, you can change focus to your inner, outer, or middle lashes. Visit a Shu Uemura counter to see the different types of lashes. They come in clear plastic cubes that you can measure against your own eyes.

If you want to try a look like the celebs, try this makeup artist trick.
Cut a strip of lashes in half and just apply to the outer corner for natural and flirty look.

I'm not going to tell you to go out and buy the most expensive lashes out there just so they'll last long or give you a more dramatic look. You can go to your local beauty supply store and buy a $2.99 pair of lashes and it will look just as great... provided that you actually take your time to put the lashes on.

But for you ladies who have pricier tastes and only want the best... you might be asking yourself is it worth splurging to buy expensive false lashes?

Fox hair false lashes which can run you around $1,000 are the most luxurious false lashes that you can try. These will make you feel like a movie star for a day! Fox hair lashes are so light and airy, it won't feel like you're wearing false lashes at all. Plus, they're so good, you won't even even need mascara.

Lashes that cost around $15–25 are also great (and do the job well). These more affordable lashes are made from synthetics and silk and can be used up to 4 times. Also, if you make a mistake while cutting, they are easy to replace.

What are false lashes generally made of?
False lashes are generally made from mixed synthetics and silk (these materials create a light natural feel).

How can I make my false lashes look more realistic?
Make sure to measure lashes against your own before you apply. Look for ones that are approximately 1/3 longer than your natural lashes. If they are too long, you can cut them. Also, look for lashes that are made with mixed different sized lashes, like your own!Is there a specific type of adhesive one should use? Try one that is white in color but that dries clear. Duo and Shu Uemura make the best glue in the market. It is water proof so in case you cry or sweat, they will stay put. If you have sensitive eyes, stay away from long lasting glue that comes in a watery glue type. These could have fumes that might irritate sensitive eyes.

Do I apply the glue to the false lashes or my eyelid?
Always apply glue to both the band of false lashes and to the border line of your lid. This will create natural binding. Never apply glue to the middle of the eyelid. This will make it very hard to get rid of blobs of glue in between lashes.

How long do false eyelashes last?
Individual lashes can stay for up to 2 days, while strip lashes can only stay for one day and have to be taken off at the end of the night. When wearing individual lashes, make sure to take make up off with Q-tips and oil-free make up remover, without irritating the lashes. This method will make the false lashes stay longer without messing them up.

What is the best way to remove false eyelashes without causing damage to natural lashes?
Use Q-tips with water-proof makeup remover (since the glue is waterproof) to loosen the glue, and then pull them off gently. Or you can shower with the lashes on and use steam to loosen the glue.

Will false lashes stay on in the shower?
As long as you do not get lashes wet, they should stay on.If you like the effect of false lashes but are worried about water damage, try Lash Extensions that stay on for up to 3 weeks (even if they get wet).

Once applying false lashes, is it okay to curl them or apply mascara?
Becuase false lashes are black, full, and voluminous, you will most likely not have to put on extra mascara. However, it's a good idea to curl lashes after you apply them. This will help them bind with your natural lashes, helping them to stay on longer.

Is it safe to sleep with false lashes on?
Yes, you can sleep with false lashes for a night or two. However, if you wear lots of eyemake or mascara during the day, be sure the clean the lashes before you go to sleep (this way you won't get buildup).

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