Where YOU Been: Kelly Price

Gone from the secular music scene for quite some time now, singer Kelly Price, is still the same girl that was introduced to us back in 1996 with her first album "Soul of a Woman" and belting out notes that would make a grown man cry.

We all know that Kelly Price has one of those voices that gives you chills with every other note sang. There are a small number of singers today possess that down-home soul our parents loved.

Kelly recently sat down with ESSENCE.com to talk about secular versus gospel music, being "too fat" to sell records, and why she still breaks bread with R. Kelly. Check out a portion of the interview below:

ESSENCE.COM: Do you feel that singing R&B music compromises your faith?<br>
PRICE: I'm probably one of the few R&B artists who believe that singing secular music has nothing to do with my faith. I know some traditionalists might disagree, but I feel like my job is my job and what I believe is what I believe.

ESSENCE.COM: What is the craziest rumor you've heard about yourself?
PRICE: When I started losing weight people said I had surgery, but if you pay attention, I lost my weight over a couple of years gradually. It wasn't like I went from being big to small. Heck, I'm still not small and I'm never going to be small. Everyone in my family is big. I fluctuate between 14 and 18, depending on the time of the year and how much soul food I eat (laughs).

ESSENCE.COM: Ron Isley was only one-third of the dynamic trio that made the hip-hopera remix of "Friend of Mine." Do you still keep in touch with R.Kelly who produced the song?
PRICE: Absolutely, I still keep in touch with him. I was with him just a few months ago. We still break bread together. What I always tell folks is, "You might know R.Kelly but I know Robert." I treat him no different. I would call a friend going through a hard time to encourage them and talk to them. Everybody needs those people in their lives. I don't ever need to advertise my friendship with him because we each know who we are to one another and it's always going to be that way between us unless he says, "Kelly, I'm sick of you." I've known him since the beginning of my career when he called up Puffy and asked him, "Who is that girl who writes on all these songs? Can you put me in touch with her?" and we've been cool ever since.

For complete interview in it's entirety, check out Essence.com


Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

dang now thats a bl;ast from the past

Niik said...

I like the way she looked when she was heavier, but hats off to her for being healthy.