Khia Is Back Talkin Mess

Ol' busted ass rapper Khia is back and still talkin cash -ish about people. This time, her target is the crew over at the local radio station and hometown favorite in Atlanta, V-103.

Check out what Khia had to say on her blog about the V-103 crew... and I mean the entire dag on crew! BTW... for those of you who don't want to read all the cussing that this chick does, you might as well leave now...:
I’M BAAAAAAAAAACK!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who is in the hot seat this week???? Greg “Gay A$$” Street from V103, Wanda Smith, Miss Sophia and the rest of them f**k a$$ ****** and trick a$$ hoes that loves to hate on the Queen!!!!!!!
It’s a shame that these radio station DJ’s would rather hate instead of talking about what I have accomplished and playing HITS; Prime example, Big Gator Head……. Greg “ Gay A$$” Street….. Looking like he stuck his hand in a socket with his eyes bulging out of his big bubble head… Looking like a ASTRONAUT….. SWOLE CHICKEN… Old gap mouf BASTARD!!!! Imma put my juicy pussy in dat mouf and close dat gap up! But you gotta cut the lights off first , so I don’t have to look at your FUGLY A$$!!! B***h I aint through….. B***h, it was a DARK day when your mammy had you!!! No stars aint twinkle, no light aint shine!!!!! Lightning just struck and you came straight out your mammies a$$!! You’s a A$$ HOLE BABY…… Old hatin a$$ DARK VADOR…… After I showed your pussy a$$ soooo much love on the Poor-sha Foxx show!!! Yeah B***H I aint forgot about you!!!. Why you don’t play my music over and over like you played that interview over and over???????? I heard that was the best ratings that you ever had!!! You wanna round 3??? NO DEAL!!!! Cuz Imma knock your a$$ out on the next ROUND!!!!!!!!! You b***hes at V-103 been hatin all along!! You hollering bout the DJ’s aint dead….. Yeah, the DJ’s is dead… Your BIG HEY KOOL-AID head a$$, is the first thang the fell in the casket…

Looking like Creature Feature….. B***h go back to Texas…… Cuz your head is shaped like a runned-down cowboy BOOT!! You mad cuz I wouldn’t do no free shows for your GAY a$$????? Talking bout you BREAK records!!! Your job as a DJ is to play HITS *****!!!! And you all up in the VIDEOS…. Kill the director for putting your ugly MONGLOID looking a$$ in front of a camera…. That’s your problem, you wanna be a STAR!!!! But you so damn FUGLY aint no market for your UGLY a$$!! That’s why they keep you locked up in that radio station……Cage the APE…. Me and you would be Beauty and the Beast……Cuz the only DIME you ever had was Miss Sophia!!!!!!!!!! Yeah….. I know you like to STICK A$$… You and that Frank Ski!!! You like for Miss Sophia to put that dusty a$$ wig on and F**K you ……. Dontchu??? Ummmmmhmmm…. We know!!!! DONTCHU WISH YOUR GIRLFRIEND WAS HOT LIKE ME???? Miss Sophia…… You Ugly B***h….. Talking bout Mayan Rivera…….. You wanna crack jokes bout a returned cds……. I don’t know nann b***h ever returning a Thug Misses cd but I do know that your mammy should have returned your sissified A$$….. Or stuck you back up in her a$$…. You dried up PUNK!!!!!!! And Ms. Wanda…… I know your FAT a$$ aint crackin jokes???? Big B***H ….. Thank you for the FREEEEEE Promotion!!! But for the record……. I seen your Fat a$$ at UPTOWN Comedy Club with them Pearls bout to bust right off your wide a$$ neck…… B***h you aint need no pearls hoe……..You needed a neck full of OYSTERS!!! Now b***h…. Here’s the “T”….. You need back away from that table and put down them Ho Ho’s and just keep stuffing the Queen’s name in your FAT mouf because then… It’s a win win situation for the both of us… You loose weight and I get full FREEEEE Promotion!!!!!! PS. You and Frank Ski look a hot mess on that billboard on I 20….. Your big a$$ took up the whole billboard and I couldn’t even see Frank Ski…. You should have given that Billboard to me!!!! Who wanna look at yall old a$$es???

This chick stays trying to be relevant! Why? Obviously no one is buying your music. Other than these random rants that you put out, no one would even know that you still existed! Sit down somewhere girl. Go take care of your kids and stop acting like gutter trash!


STEPHANIE!!!!! said...

I'm a big Khia fan!!! Ya'll bitchez just don't understand!!! I would appreciate it if you people stop putting Khia's kids into everything!!!

sheeda said...

khia is just a sad ass bitch. LOL she ain't a nobody and she never will be. LOL looking so damn ignorant and stupid . Sheaint got no real mofuckin fans. Most people dnt know who she is. Admit it bitch u a one hit wonder!!!!

Sanriax said...

I listened at the Khia and Porche interview. Khia did nothing wrong. If anything, Porche Fox was being very immature. Whenever Khia would say something that Porche didn't agree with, Porche would turn off her mic..whats up with that sh*t! ANy how, Khia is just a lady who knows how to stand up for herself. And for Porche, stop smoking blunts before you get on the air. Since Porche has came back to V-103 she is very different than before she got caught with weed in her car. The new Porche Fox is very messy and rude. Now she's famous for starting mess!!! I guess one will do anything for ratings..so Porche actually needs to thank Khia for boosting her ratings up higher than they have ever been before. Tired Dope Smoking Whore!!!

Anonymous said...

khia i would love to put my phat dong up your tight asssshole